Monday, July 23, 2007


Ok, so I know it's been forever since I've written. It's not because I haven't had things going on per se, however sometimes when I know that people want me to do something (such as write in my blog), my brain somehow malfunctions and makes me that much more convinced not to do it. Yes, I'm working on that item.

Where to begin? I guess I'll just pick up like I never stopped.

So anywho, I was at the gym this morning and there was some guy making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the locker room. No shit. He had a loaf of Wonder Bread, a jar of peanut butter, a jar of grape jelly, and a knife, and he was sitting there making sandwiches like it was nobody's business. I found it a little odd, but given some of the lockerroom activities I've witnessed over the years, I guess this was rather tame. Most of the more lascivious activities involved putting more than just a sandwich in your mouth, if you catch my drift. Wocka wocka.

I'm still seeing CP, and although we classify each other as boyfriends, we haven't said the L word. Frankly, I don't feel it yet, and unlike some of my previous relationships where I said it before the close of our first date, I'm not rushing anything. Buying a gallon of milk is too big a commitment these days.

CP has a rather vigorous schedule, and sometimes I go up to a week without laying eyes on him. Normally that's fine, however when I do see him we're on such a time schedule before he has to be at the next place that we usually spend our time together running errands and shit. Yesterday for example, we drove around looking for me a new apartment (more about that later), perusing the selection of shelving at Homo Depot, and working out at the gym. Romantic, huh?

Don't get me wrong...CP is a total sweetheart. I'm just trying to figure out if that's enough to continue a relationship. The road is paved with good intentions, no?

On another note, I'm saddened to hear of Tammy Faye's passing. She was a bright light and will be missed.


Pam said...

I too will write like you never left. I'm glad you mentioned Tammy Faye...I loved her, and no one at my house has a kind word to say about her.
My husband and I dated 10 years and never once used the L word. In fact, when he asked me to marry him, he finally said it...and I said it back. I have a MASSIVE amount of self restraint in that area. I learned early on....never say it first. Well, it seems to have kept him around and I'm grateful for that.
love ya sugar butt.

*J* said...

So I take it you didn't ask this guy for a sandwich then? ;)

Good for you not rushing the relationship or [trying?] making it out to be more than it is at this point in time. You've got plenty of time to see where it goes and how it develops. You're a wonderful man with a good strong head on your shoulders; you'll do the right thing by yourself.

As for Tammy Faye, I was so saddened by her passing as well. She will be missed.

Katie said...

relationships without all the love stuff are no fun.