Saturday, July 28, 2007

San Antonio or bust

Ok, last night was Friday and I didn't have to be up early today for work, however I was in bed by 9:45. I remember the old days when I could stay up half the night and then go to work at 7 AM, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Somehow I went and got old, and I don't recommend it. Granted, with age comes wisdom, but it hardly seems fair that I'm too tired to use any of this new insight.

I digress.

I'm going to San Antonio today with CP. This is our first road trip, and it should be very telling to see how things go. He has a friend that is moving to New York to pursue her dreams, and we are going to SA to attend a party in her honor. He was already warned me that some of his friends there are big lushes, and already I'm mildly uncomfortable thinking about it. Since it is also a pool party, I'm taking my bathing suit, along with a really good book I'm currently reading (The Beach House by Mary Alice Monroe), and I hope it will keep me entertained the hours that I will be required to stay there. I would much rather go see the Alamo and the Riverwalk, but I realize that not everything is about me. Drat.

I should mention that I gave up caffeine a couple of months ago, and coming from this caffeineaholic, I figured it would be really hard. It wasn't. I just started drinking herbal tea in the morning to perhaps "fool" my body by drinking something hot instead, and apart from a few headaches in the beginning, the transition was minor. I still from time to time drink a soda if I'm at a fast food type joint that doesn't have water, but I find it now makes me feel bloated and lethargic later.

I also have completely changed my eating habits: one meal a day I don't eat any meat. To tell the truth, I read Fast Food Nation a couple of months ago, and I was so grossed out by it that I swore I'd never eat red meat again. Yet I know that pork and chicken is just as gross...and cruel to the animals. If you ever want to see what the meat packing industry is really like, go to youtube and search for slaughterhouse and meat. It is horrifying.

I am rather disappointed that my camera was stolen, along with my mp3 player. My apartment complex doesn't provide any security, and the night of the 4th, 22 cars were broken into here in the garage, and I'd forgotten and left my gym bag in my car. They broke a $200 window in the process. I'm not amused, and I'm doing everything possible to force my complex to get some security, including writing letters to the local TV stations and the papers. I mean it's getting serious: it began with the random car getting broken into, then 22 cars in one night, to random break ins during the day, to cars now getting stolen. With no sort of plan in place to keep things from escalating, I'm worried the residents will soon have to deal with our apartments broken into, or worse: being held up and robbed walking from the garage at night. Remember how excited I was to move to a big apartment complex with a well-known management company? Well, it hasn't been what I expected.

Enough about that. I don't want to be all negative and shit so early in the morning. I still am faithfully following The Secret, and I know that in some way or another I attacted this to me. So many times I would lie in bed at night thinking "I hope no one breaks into my car", and essentially I was placing an order to the universe for that very thing to happen. It's rather hard monitoring my thoughts though!

Continuing with my randomonia, I'm burning a CD to listen to on the road. No road trip is complete without Obsession by Animotion. I wonder what ever happened to those hos?

Over and out.


Pam said...

I guess I always figured that if aliens came to earth to suck the brains out of people...they would leave you alone, but alas I was mistaken. No coffee? No Moo Cow?
love ya, miss ya..wantin' you to move to a safer place...YIKES.

*Jaye* said...

I saw a documentary once about slaughterhouses. Yes, quite gross and horrifying, but honestly it wasn't something that would make me give up meat or poultry the maybe one time a day that I have it. Must. Have. Meat. ;0)

22 vehicles? Holy crap! Sorry about the loss of your camera & other stuff not to mention the headache of it all, period.

Echoing Pam's ya, miss ya..wantin' you to move to a safer place...

...wishing you a fab weekend right back!

Scott W said...

Just visited your 365 Project, how many pictures do you have of me in a white shirt? LOL

Kim C said...

SA is's been ages since I made it there. I'm an Austin/New Braunfels type of girl. Ladidah!

That large mgmt company wouldn't be AMLI, wouldn't it? I lived in their Montrose location and the parking lot was like a carnival game for the local thugs. And it never gotany better. Just leave your windows rolled down and all goods removed. Sad, huh?

I've been reading you with baited breath for 4+ years now (at least) and I must say I was shocked at what a purist you'd become. Shocked, but happy.

An enlightened man is a sexy man.

I hope you and your folks are well, and I hope life is treating you kind, love.

Big hug and kiss * *muoh!* *

Fauxmosexual said...

im back

Anonymous said...
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