Saturday, May 5, 2007


I invited a friend to go to the yarn store with me today, and he said he'd call me and let me know. Well, I never heard back from him. I know what you're thinking...why would anyone want to go to the yarn store in the first place, but this guy is a knitter too. Then yesterday I cooked a big brisket and invited a friend to come over and eat, and I never heard a word back from him. People are weird.

I rented The Eyes of Laura Mars last night, and it tres sucked. I felt like it was an episode of Charlie's Angels where they showed boobs. Faye Dunaway looked old, even back in 1978.

I'm going to dinner and bowling tonight with Juan and some other old friends that I don't see often. It should be fun, and I plan on taking a photo or two.

My electricity bill for only 2 weeks in this new apartment was $85. Can you imagine what it would be for a whole month? Say like $170? At that rate I'll have to give handjobs on the corner to afford to use my new washer and dryer.

Ok, I'm off to take a bubble bath and find a cute outfit.


Scott W said...

My highest electric bill last summer was $135 and you know how small my place is. Bleh.

Jaye said...

Yowzers! That's one huge bill.
Are you open to a suggestion? You might try 100 watt fluorescent light bulbs. They'll give you plenty of light and save you (allegedly) $77.00 in energy costs per year. (Which I think might actually be true.)