Thursday, May 10, 2007


I have a date tomorrow night. No, I'm not joking. I met a guy the other night, and we've chatted on the phone the last few days. He's a sculptor, and tomorrow night I'm going to some art shows with him, then to have coffee.

So anywho, tomorrow will be also be one year to the day that the last BF broke up with me. Funny that I swore I'd stay single for a year and I'm now going out on my first date since exactly one year later. To tell the truth, he's a nice guy, and I am looking forward to it. However this time around I'm first and foremost in love with myself, and I refuse to completely give myself to a man again. Perhaps that's how I know I'm ready.


Scott W said...

How's your bayou today?

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your date!!! I'm glad you've decided to jump back into the dating pool - remember, a date does not equal a commitment, and it doesn't necessarily have to go anywhere at all. Just get to know the guy, have some fun, and ENJOY the moment for what it really is - getting to know a new friend! We expect all the lurid (or not) details!! -urbancadence-