Sunday, May 13, 2007


Where did the weekend go? It's already time to go to bed and start the week. My motivation is that Memorial Day is two weeks away, and not only does Daddy have that day off, but he's taking the Friday before so he can have a super long weekend.

How weird is it talking about yourself in third person?

It's been a good couple of days. My date Friday night with Cutie Pie (CP) went well. Saturday I went to the beach, had dinner with a couple of friends (where I accidentally shot marinara sauce on my friend Scott's new shirt....sorry!), then hung out with some friends. Later in the evening, CP joined us and we ate again.

I don't know if I'm playing hard to get or what, but I haven't even kissed CP after 3 dates. Somehow I got all chaste and shit, and I'm not sure where it came from. Last night when he dropped me off, I hugged him and said "thanks...I had fun!" and ran up the stairs and went to bed. By myself.

Anywho, this is going to be a busy week. I'm going to bed.

P.S. I stopped posting my daily photo here, but I'm still doing the 365 Project and putting them on Flickr. You can see them here.


Scott W said...

Spray 'n Warsh and it was good as new. Not to worry.

Have a great Monday coocoobird.

Katie said...

3 dates and still no kiss? Poor Cutie Pie! ;)

Becky Perrin said...

This is bookafly from diaryland. I have also made the exodus to Blogger. I just kind of feel like I've outgrown dland. Although the community aspect of it is something that I'll miss. Feel free to check my blog out here if you like - I'll warn you though - it's very boring. I'm not dwelling on all of the crap and I'm writing about the little and quirky aspects of life. And you know what? A lot of my decision to do this was because of you; just like I said in my last dland entry. Oh, and I also decided to lose my anonimity - I'm ready to take responsibility for my words, no matter how boring they are. :)

Becky Perrin said...

Me again!
So I don't know if you noticed that I was having problems with my posts disappearing here at Blogger or not - but I've moved, AGAIN. This is the last time. And actually, I like wordpress a little better anyway. But anyway, my new home will actually be: