Thursday, May 3, 2007

my newest home

Ok, I love Diaryland....always have, always will. However not being able to log in the last 2 days is really pissing me off, therefore I'm moving things back to blogger. Just like I did when I initially left Diaryland a year ago, I feel a bit guilty, yet they really need to step things up and get with the times.

Yes, I'm the Sybil of the blogosphere. Anywho, here is the entry I wrote yesterday but couldn't post.

One of the really cool things about moving to a new apartment is that it gives me the opportunity to start a whole new routine. One of the new routines I have begun is that every Tuesday night, I come home from doing volunteer work and bust out the knitting while first watching American Idol, then whatever movie is on Lifetime. Sersly. A movie on Lifetime while knitting. Last night it was a movie called Angels Fall based on a book by Nora Roberts, and it starred Heather Locklear. Now me luv some Heather long time, but when did she start looking like Bo Derek?

Anywho, check out this picture of the scarf that I finally finished last night. I didn't have anyone else to model it for me, so here I am. Not only do I look fat, but it also looks like a mugshot. That is if someone was arrested while wearing a really gay scarf. Here's the pic.



My boyfriend Chris was voted off American Idol last night, and I'm declaring it a national day of mourning today. How dare America break him and Blake up!


DJRainDog said...

Actually, you don't look fat; you look cute. Yes, the face you were making is a bit gay, but cute, all the same.

Jaye said...

OMG! You so do not look fat! Knock it off. You look fabulous, baby.