Thursday, May 17, 2007


Oh I love ye.
I love recording my thoughts for the whole world to see.
But wait, I haven't blogged in 4 whole days!
Cuz instead I've been sitting on the couch with my knitting and some Lays.

I say that in was really takeout Chinese. Last night CP came over and we got takeout from Dragon Bowl and then watched Grey Gardens. I loved it. As my friend Scott pointed out, the scene where the mother is boiling corn on a hot plate in her bedroom is priceless. "He always complements me on my corn..."


I just heard on TV there's a drag queen called Suppositori Spelling. That made my night.


Scott W said...

I have heard of Suppositori, she is on THE list.

anthony said...

she was in SF. part of tranny shack. i think she moved to the UK. as a guy, he's pretty hot. i didn't know him as suppositori though. i met him once on my way home from a bar... funny story...